TRACE presented to international audiences

Insights from the TRACE projects have been promoted to diverse audiences at two recent conferences.  On the 6th September, Professor Umut Turksen and Dr Adam Abukari from Coventry University’s Centre for Financial and Corporate Integrity addressed the 32nd Annual Tax Research Network Conference at the Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge. Their presentation, on the notion of a Unified Tax Crime […]

The 2024 TRACE essay competition

The TRACE essay competition is inviting law undergraduates from European universities to answer the following question:   In the context of the EU law (acquis communautaire), how can the law achieve a balance between protecting fundamental rights and the use of AI in law enforcement?    The winner will receive a first prize of €150 […]

Trust in law enforcement AI and the challenges of the anti-money laundering regulatory landscape – new conference presentations

In two recent conference presentations, partners from Coventry University’s Centre for Financial and Corporate Integrity provided overviews of key dimensions of TRACE’s work to tackle illicit financial flows.  On June 14th, Dr Adam Abukari, Professor Dimitrios Kafteranis and Professor Umut Turksen were pleased to address the 2023 Counter Fraud, Cybercrime and Forensic Accounting conference at the University of Portsmouth. […]

TRACE presented to UN Committee

TRACE was proud to be presented by Farhan Sahito from partners Privanova to the Fifth Intersessional Consultation of the Ad Hoc Committee, organised by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime in Vienna. The event took place on the 20th and 21st June 2023, and offered visibility for the project and a forum for expert dialogue.  This prestigious platform was […]

Knowledge Graphs and the advantage of crowd knowledge in criminal investigations

In today’s information-driven society, data is generated and consumed at an unprecedented rate. However, this data is often siloed in different systems and formats, making it difficult to extract insights or understand it comprehensively. Knowledge Graphs (KGs) are an emerging technology that can help law enforcement agencies (LEAs) unlock the value of their data. A Knowledge […]

Online gambling enables money laundering – TRACE offers a solution

Online gambling is a growing market worth around USD 53.7 billion a year, but it also poses significant risks for financial crime, including money laundering, fraud and terrorism financing.  The problem of online gambling has been transformed by the advent of smartphones, with the temptation to gamble now everywhere in society. The UK government has […]

The system architecture of the TRACE tool

The TRACE tool is designed to enable LEAs to make sense out of voluminous publicly available data by means of, inter alia, user-friendly knowledge graphs. It will use these functions to track IMFs (illicit money flows), which are often derived from a well processed network structure. In order for the TRACE tool to deliver great outputs it must be built on a system […]