Anti-Money Laundering/Combating the Financing of Terrorism Compliance: Europe to implement more comprehensive regulation for cryptoassets

TRACE has passed its first year and in the two years since its inception a lot has changed. The timeframe in the financial sector is significant for the technology-intensive field, particularly in the emergent areas of cryptocurrency and Virtual Financial Assets (VFA) regulations. A lot of challenges have pushed the regulatory interventions, including the Financial […]

Pandora Papers: Does history repeat?

The recent Pandora Papers[1] have once again confirmed the importance of whistle-blowers and investigative journalists in unearthing the hidden and illicit activities of the most powerful and wealthy individuals in our societies. As PROTAX Case Studies (D1.2) back in 2018 found, the majority of the high value tax fraud and tax evasion cases are discovered […]

Clustering in Horizon Europe

With the European Commission insisting on the importance of multiplying impact across several projects usually funded under the same call, clustering in Horizon Europe becomes a critical activity. This means that proposals involving well-described, extensive clustering activities will have more chances of being granted. The present text outlines the importance of clustering in Horizon Europe […]