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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No101022004

New TRACE policy briefs address AI crime analytics, the geographic risks of money laundering via high-value assets, and cross-border investigative challenges

The second set of TRACE policy briefs deliver concise, expert recommendations from the project’s anti-money laundering research, with practical value for law enforcement agencies, financial intelligence units, and all of those interested in reducing the harms of these offences. 

They address, in turn, 1) the use of Investigation Knowledge Graphs to investigate illicit money flows, 2) the data protection compliance of AI crime analytics technology, 3) the enhancement of European cyber-forensics capacity, 4) the development of a geographic risk tool for assessing money laundering in property and high-value asset markets, 5) the use of SWIFT data in the EU27, and 6) the streamlining of electronic evidence procedures for cross-border offences.

The first TRACE policy briefings discussed the improvement of cross-border cooperation in these casesthe dynamics of illicit money flows in the EU, and a checklist for the analysis of Suspicious Transaction Reports for law enforcement agencies and financial intelligence units. You can access all of our briefings here.