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TRACE presented to international audiences

Insights from the TRACE projects have been promoted to diverse audiences at two recent conferences. 

On the 6th September, Professor Umut Turksen and Dr Adam Abukari from Coventry University’s Centre for Financial and Corporate Integrity addressed the 32nd Annual Tax Research Network Conference at the Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge. Their presentation, on the notion of a Unified Tax Crime Definition in the EU, called for international cooperation alongside respect for national sovereignty. The presenters noted that it will take global coordination to clamp down on tax crime. 

Meanwhile, in Florence, Dr Joshua Hughes, Dr Alex Murphy, and Dr Anastasia Kordoni of Trilateral Research (alongside Dr Pinelopi Troullinou from the popAI project) delivered a roundtable discussion on Ethical Law Enforcement AI to an engaged audience of international academics at the European Society of Criminology conference. 

Panellists emphasised the importance of ethical design, transparency and accountability to maintain fragile trust in the potential of AI systems for law enforcement. We discussed trends in regulation across the EU, USA and China, the extent of adoption of AI tools by law enforcement agencies, the barriers to their utilisation (like practitioner training and awareness), the developing use of AI by offenders, and the cultivation of public confidence and trust in AI generally. Panellists emphasised the importance of ethics-by-design and the merits of an expansive socio-tech approach in projects like TRACE and popAI.