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Trust in law enforcement AI and the challenges of the anti-money laundering regulatory landscape – new conference presentations

In two recent conference presentations, partners from Coventry University’s Centre for Financial and Corporate Integrity provided overviews of key dimensions of TRACE’s work to tackle illicit financial flows. 

On June 14th, Dr Adam Abukari, Professor Dimitrios Kafteranis and Professor Umut Turksen were pleased to address the 2023 Counter Fraud, Cybercrime and Forensic Accounting conference at the University of Portsmouth. Dr Abukari and Professor Turksen discussed ‘Sustainable pathways for engendering trust and use of artificial intelligence in cross-border cooperation on tax crime and money laundering in the EU’ in their presentation (available here). As concerns around the use of AI in law enforcement operations grow, TRACE advocates accountability, transparency, and the fundamental importance of human rights and ethics to the development and implementation of these technologies. 

On July 5th, at the Economic Crime in the Age of Technology (ECAT) conference, Dr Abukari also outlined the ‘Challenges of Regulatory Playbook for Anti-Money Laundering Software Market in EU’ (presentation available here). He concludes that the market for these technologies is expanding, while regulatory responses are complicated by the complexities and rapid changeability of these tools. 

Both of these documents will be of interest to practitioners and researchers in the fields of AI and money laundering, offering conclusions on how public trust can be cultivated and technological progress harnessed to reduce the harms of these crimes.